Aim of EFT Belgium

EFT stands for Emotionally Focused Therapy, a form of marital therapy created by Dr. Sue Johnson, Ottawa, Canada.

EFT Belgium promotes secure, resilient and succesfull relationships between partners and within families. Our mission includes the further expansion and refinement of the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model. Another central aspect of our mission is to educate health professionals and to increase public awareness about the efficacy of EFT and its role in strengthening relationship bonds. Therefore EFT Belgium is meant to be a platform where professionals and clients can access EFT. EFT Belgium aims to further develop and spread word about this evidence based form of therapy.

EFT Belgium is an affiliated organisation to ICEEFT.

What does EFT Belgium offer

EFT Belgium provides training and supervision in Emotionally Focused Therapy for therapists.

We guarantee that therapists recognized by EFT Belgium are trained in this method according to the criteria issued by ICEEFT and also enjoyed a sufficient training.
Clients can find contact information of qualified EFT therapists in their area on this website.