2 in 1: diving into Stage 2 of EFT

Two full sessions of EFT Stage 2 work

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2 in 1: diving into Stage 2 of EFT

Two full sessions of EFT Stage 2 work

About this online training

This series of 2 afternoons, EFT trainer Jef Slootmaeckers shows two of his own sessions of Stage 2 work and discusses them with EFT trainer Marlene Best. Through these afternoons and looking at these sessions, participants will get a picture of the healing power of EFT. The conversation between the trainers will analyze the structure of these stage 2 sessions and subtitle the therapist’s focus. The first session shows the change process of “Withdrawer re-engagement. The second session zooms in on the deeply emotional corrective experiences of ‘Blamer softening’. This live session is in Dutch with English subtitles. The training is in English. In these sessions you will learn, among other things:

  • How de-escalation of cycle is a prerequisite for starting Stage 2 work.
  • How secure attachment can be a trigger to start Stage 2 work.
  • How to get people to express their deep attachment fears to the partner.
  • Building corrective responses using ‘parts – work’.
  • Tapping into deep attachment needs and using them in session.
  • Internal working models of self and others.
  • EFT – tango work within Stage 2.


Session 1: Withdrawer re-engagement

  • 14 November 2023
  • 2pm – 6pm Brussels Time

Session 2: Blamer Softening

  • 28 November 2023
  • 2pm – 6pm Brussels Time


Online training Zoom.


  • 185 EUR
  • Individual registration per session is not possible

For whom

For anyone working as a therapist who wants to be introduced to the healing power of EFT.
This training will address the specific aspects of Stage 2 of the EFT model. This Training is simultaneously a deepening training for all EFT therapists and/or an opportunity for an introduction to the EFT model.

About the trainers

Jef Slootmaeckers is a social worker, contextual systems therapist and certified EFT therapist, EFT supervisor and EFT trainer, director of EFT-Belgium. He worked for many years in general welfare work and immersed himself in working with partner violence and aggression. He specialized in EFT and violence and looks for ways to approach partner violence from an attachment point of view. In his training as an EFT trainer, he worked with Marlene Best in Ottawa, Canada. In particular, he came back with a deepened understanding of phase 2 work in EFT. He has authored national and international articles on partner violence and co-wrote the book with Lieven Migerode: Partner Violence and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Fighting for Love. (Lannoo Campus). He gives training on EFT in Belgium and in many other countries around the world.

Dr. Marlene Best is a registered psychologist, Certified EFT Trainer and Supervisor. At the Ottawa Couple and Family Institute, she provides EFT therapy and supervision. She offers EFT training in Canada and internationally. Marlene is also a Clinical Professor at the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa, where she provides clinical supervision to Ph.D. practicum students and interns who are learning EFT. She won the student-nominated award for excellence in clinical supervision in 2016. Marlene is known for her warmth and ability to create a very safe, open learning environment; her clear, structured teaching style; her interest in and attention to issues relating to person-of-the-therapist; her focus on therapeutic process skills; and, her ability to offer helpful encouraging feedback in a clear, empathic manner. Marlene is passionate about teaching EFT Externships, Core Skills, Master Classes on Stage Two, and supervision skills. She also offers mini-workshops on EFT to various professionals, including graduate students in psychology, medicine, and education.


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