Hold me tight

How to participate?

You can participate on line here.

About Hold Me Tight

This program is the glorious culmination of decades of research & practice – paired with cutting edge technology that tailors the program to each individual user. Together they bring the wisdom of the Hold Me Tight program directly into your living room, or wherever you choose to view it!

We designed this program to be used by anyone…whether you are 19 or 91…. Whether you are a self-proclaimed computer wizard, or if you feel a bit intimidated by technology…This program is for you.

Each of the 8 episodes begins with an introduction, followed by insightful video clips from experts in the fields of relationships and attachment, as well as teaching pieces directly from Dr. Sue Johnson. Along the way there will be “Check-In Quizzes” to help you gage how well you are grasping the material and ample opportunities to learn from other couples – both human and animated.

You will get to see couples, very much like yourselves, working through their own versions of each of these 7 relationship-changing conversations – before you try your hand at your own. When you are ready for them, the conversation exercises themselves are self-paced, but Sue-guided, in order to provide you with the best possible experience.

In fact, the entire program is self-paced. You decide how fast, or slow you’d like to move through each individual episode – and the program at large. After completing an episode, you will receive HomePlay exercises direct to your inbox, to help you strengthen and apply the insights you’ve learned. There’s even an option to receive supportive text messages designed to assist you in developing these new ways of relating to one another!